Geopoetic Praxis in European Diversity/Decoloniality

23 July 2020

“Based in Europe three authors deploy geopoetics as praxis to position their performance art work in the current debates on race, gender and sexuality in art and academia.” READ MORE

BUBBLEGUMCLUB | Every Deathly Flower and its Stem:

The gentle rigour and exacting language of Maneo Mohale | February 2020

In their debut collection of poetry, Everything is a Deathly Flower, Mohale “reckons boldly with the experience of- and the reconstruction of a life after- a sexual assault.READ MORE

ARTTHROB | How to Remember. How to Mourn:

Patrick Bongoy’s ‘Remains’ (review) | 15 March 2019

“It would appear that more and more critical and creative remembrances of the consequences of colonialism in the contemporary moment are proliferating the public sphere.” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | A Gathering of Sorts:

Kaloki Nyamai’s ‘Mwaki Nginya Evinda Enge’ (review) | 6 February 2019

“It’s a strange task writing about an exhibition from afar. There’s an element of divination and distillation akin to the ancient art of scrying: the practice of divining signs and foreshadowings from crystal balls, mirrors, tea leaves or fire.” READ MORE

I don't know if we're winning

(zine) | 31 January 2019

Kopano Maroga was commissioned by Vooruit to create a publication in response to The May Events, a series of performances, talks, screenings and installations curated by Silvia Bottirolli… READ MORE


19 November 2018

“In ‘social contract theory’, society is organized by a series of contracts between individuals and governing entities, most particularly in the way of politics and morality.” READ MORE

MAIL&GUARDIAN | How Much Time Do You Want For Your Progress

Racism in the Cape Town yoga community: One instructor’s story (feature) | 28 August 2018

“Earlier this year Kafui Awoonor took her employer Fulvio Grandin — the owner of the yoga studio Yogazone, on Kloof Street in Cape Town where she worked as an instructor — to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration…” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | You'll always stay here in my heart:

Dineo Seshee Bopape’s ‘Untitled (Of Occult Instability) [Feelings]’ (review) | 24 August 2018

“In the context of a progressively more aggressive and consumerist creative economy, we’re often encouraged to take in as much as possible in spaces like biennales.” READ MORE

MAIL&GUARDIAN | A family by any other name

(feature) | 3 August 2018

“Friday night, July 20 2018, will forever be emblazoned in my mind as the most comprehensively gag-worthy family function I have ever had the honour of attending.” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | Material Meditations:

Nicholas Hlobo and Cinga Samson’s ‘Umthamo’ (review) | 18 May 2018

“There’s a scene in Annihilation (a recent psychedelic, sci-fi flick featuring Natalie Portman living her best, bad-ass, soldier-scientist life) where a team of soldier-scientists stumble upon the remains of what may once have been human…” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | Performative Politics and the Commoditisation of the Black Artist:

Towards an Epidemiology of Institutional Whiteness (feature) | 24 April 2018

“‘Epidemiology’ is a branch of medical studies which focuses on the causation, proliferation and potential curative measures for a disease.” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | A Subtle Benediction:

Igshaan Adams’ ‘Al Latîf’ (review) | 23 February 2018

“Gallery spaces are strange vestibules. Sites that mark both a violent history of displacement and beauteous escape. Monuments to the multifarious contradictions that comprise humanity…” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | The Crown Ain't Worth Much but I Got It from My Momma:

Athi-Patra Ruga’s ‘Queens in Exile’ (review) | 21 December 2017

“Black, queer aesthetics have always been seminal in mass contemporary cultural production. However, the faces of that cultural production have not always shared the same identities of its genesis.” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | Space is our Place:

Todd Gray’s ‘Pluralities of Being’ (review) | 9 October 2017

“I first came across this quote in an article by Huffington Post spotlighting writer Janani Balasubramanian. Attributed to Junot DiazIt was the first piece of writing that began to articulate ideas that had been orbiting in my headspace for some time: The idea of blackness as a kind of futurism…” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | Offerings from the Post-colony:

‘Looking After Freedom’ at Michaelis Galleries (review) 28 July 2017

“As a post-colony we exist in precarious relations of dependency on colonial modalities. Whether in the form of institutions, frameworks of references or the progeny/inheritors of the colonial legacy, we exist in a relationship of continual, contested contact.” READ MORE

ARTTHROB | The Poetics of Rememberance as Resistance:

The Work of Sethembile Msezane (feature) | 27 February 2017

“For those of us who have fallen victim to the collective amnesia that is our post-1994 Rainbow Nation inheritance, it would be understandable if the history of ‘Heritage Day’ (also affectionately and unironically nicknamed ‘Braai Day’)  is unknown.” READ MORE

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