the 9th house in traditional astrology is a place in the sky that represents themes relating to higher education, religion, philosophy, astrology and other belief, knowledge and wisdom traditions. Through the initiative the 9th house performance artist, writer and cultural worker Kopano Maroga researches and provides services related to themes mentioned above. Projects and practices that are found under the umbrella of the 9th house include, but are not limited to: performance and art making, artistic coaching and support, dramaturgy, independent research, teaching, lecturing, writing and consultation services.

The sun never sets on the 9th house.

Talks & Lectures | Embodied Arts Festival

THE BODY IS: A MAP, A CAGE, A KEY: Embodied practice as research methodology | April 2021

A panel discussion about embodied and body-based practice as a generative tool for excavation and research and its potential pitfalls of reductionism and the re-application of oppressive body politics. Moderated by Kopano Maroga. VIEW FULL DISCUSSION

Talks & Lectures | Baanbre(e)k(st)ers voor dekolonisering: Kopano Maroga over kolonialiteit, koloniaal trauma en healing

March 2021

Liberation can only come through violence because it’s the only language of colonialism – Frantz Fanon. READ MORE

Oyoun | Embodied Temporalities

Critical Fabulations with Kopano Maroga | Ancestral Body Noise x OyoUniverse

OyoUniverse brings sonic explorations of orbits from within and around.  LISTEN HERE

Performance | Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations

Institute for Creative Arts | August 2019

Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations is a performance work that uses the tools of disidentification, biomythography and critical fabulation to propose a palimpsest of identity that complicates the primacy of sight as the definitive means of meaning/people making…MORE

ANY BODY ZINE (ABZ) is a performance platform and publication about dance, movement and embodied politics that was active between 2016 – 2020. ABZ began as a printed and online DIY publication about dance, bodies and movement in Southern Africa and later extended into a platform for the presentation of work as well as support of independent artists working with and through the body. It had a vested interest in enabling new archival practices for movement and live art practitioners as well as contributing to the documentation of conversations, events and individuals in our creative and artistic community. Find an archive of our work here:

Talks & Lectures | Kunstencentrum Vooruit

TOESTANDEN #2 with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Grace Ndiritu and Amanda Piña | February 2021

Join us for the first edition of Toestanden of 2021 where we will look at environmental justice strategies rooted in decolonization and social justice. VIEW FULL DISCUSSION

Talks & Lectures | Kunstencentrum Vooruit

TOESTANDEN #1 (ONLINE): Public space in times of crisis | October 2020

Tijdens de nieuwe debatreeks Toestanden gaan we in gesprek met boeiende gasten over zaken die ons ‘s nachts wakker houden. VIEW FULL DISCUSSION

Talks & Lectures | Kunstencentrum Vooruit

NO(W)WORRIES SILVIA FEDERICI Rethinking and Restructuring Social Reproduction In times of Racist Violence and Global Epidemics | October 2020


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