Silent, Still, Singing, Still: Two Poets in Chorus by Keely Shinners

“Everything is a deathly flower,” writes Maneo Mohale, in their poem of the same name, and from another poem, in another book, Kopano Maroga calls back: “These things are deathly.”


The Johannesburg Review of Books | New poetry by Kopano Maroga, from Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations

The Johannesburg Review of Books presents new poetry by Kopano Maroga, from their volume Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations, published by uHlanga Press. READ MORE

arts24 | 'Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations': The sins Lot's daughters saved from the ash

05 February 2021

“Few know what Lot’s daughters did to him when they found themselves alone in the mountains with their father. Though not redacted, this is one of those parts of the Bible few clergymen are keen to speak on.” READ MORE

AVBOB | Poetry of reconciliation invites reconstruction and retelling with love

10 December 2020

“One function of the Day of Reconciliation (16 December) holiday is to remind South Africans of the need to heal the wounds of Apartheid. A powerful young poet, Kopano Maroga, says the struggle lives on in our traumatised collective body and invites us to reflect on how the work of healing continues.” READ MORE